The Legend of the Seven Whales

The mighty Tohunga was the master of seven giant whales.

Every day the whales set out to collect information and news for the mighty Tohunga. The names of the whales were Tahuturia, Tukituki, Korito, Onepoto, Iwetia and their baby Brother Hikinui. Each day they needed to have set out by sunrise.

Every day the whales would travel to many different parts of the ocean but each one had it’s favourite. Tahuturia talked to the orcas. TakiTaki chatted with the dolphins. Korito loved to hang out with the sharks. Onepoto had sword fights with the sword fish. Iwetia liked to listen to the dozy John Dory. And baby Hikinui just lazily floated around in shallows..

One day Hikinui relaxed so much that he couldn’t get to sleep. He kept jumping up and down and being as loud as ever. This made the other whales angry so they told to be quiet and go to sleep.  

In the morning when the other whales set out Hikinui stayed behind because he had finally fallen asleep. The other whales had just left their sleeping spot when they realised Hikinui hadn't come with them. All of a sudden the loud voice the Tohunga thunder across the ocean. “Curse you stupid whales!” he cried “you have failed your purpose. Now I shall curse you all”. And with that he turned them all into hills!! T
Today the Seven Whales are known as the hills of Wairoa. And baby Hikinui is still fast asleep and won’t be waking up anytime soon.