SEED - The Next Germination

106 Russell St South, Hastings

Over four days in early February, Albert Square in central Hastings became a hive of industry as the sounds of chisel on stone, the potters wheel, chainsaws and electric sanders worked their miracles and a group of local artists brought their sculptures into being.

The event was the SEED sculpture symposium with nine sculptors producing sculptural forms in a variety of media. This week, as an extension to the SEED symposium, the artists’ work is brought together again for an exhibition at Arts Inc. Heretaunga’s gallery in Russell Street, Hastings in the form of a group exhibition called, “SEED - The Next Germination”.

The symposium pieces being exhibited are Francisca Obers’ bean sculpture in wood, Sean Geenty and Hugh Tareha’s carvings of dolphins and a shark in wood, JiL of Aotearoa’s lifesize flamingos in malleable cement, John Gisborne’s ceramic water feature, Kay Bazzard’s clay figures and several Oamaru stone carvings in different forms by Stephanie Drew, Stewart Brodie and Chris Elliott.

The SEED symposium was the first of the regular annual event where Hawke’s Bay artists spend time at Albert Square with the public demonstrating their techniques and getting to know each other in a collaboration that was both fruitful and fun.

The event was organized by Arts Inc Heretaunga as one of many summer events over the summer months that bring life and culture out and about in the Hastings District. The initiative was evidently much appreciated by the artists as well as members of the public who came to watch and chat to the artists.

Many were curious about what was going on and joined in the fun by asking lots of questions and giving the sculptors encouragement. Multimedia artist, JiL of Aotearoa says, “I think it was a great opportunity for the public to learn about what goes into sculpting and to see how these pieces get made. I think it’s inspiring to people and encourages them to start playing with 3D media themselves.”

Respected lifelong potter and clay worker John Gisborne agrees. “The Waiohiki Arts Village pottery have had several new members join as a result of the symposium – it created a public awareness of the creative opportunities people could tap into.

“The sculptors also become known to each other,” he says. “This is so valuable, to be able to share the experience with other artists and have conversations with interested and curious members of the public,” he says. “I also took advantage of the availability of very nice coffee from the cafes nearby.“

All the sculptors spoken to agreed that SEED is a great initiative. As the first event of its kind in Hastings it will be repeated next year, and other sculptors are encouraged to put their names forward to Arts Inc Heretaunga for the next SEED Symposium in 2019.

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Hastings Community Arts Centre, Hastings, Hawke's Bay / Gisborne

106 Russell St South, Hastings